At SIMUS, We bring growth to companies like they deserve it. We are reliable extended arm of growth that you invest on and can expect from. While you focus on what matters most in your business we power growth for you, open channels & brainstorm strategies. A service with an Organized Approach & Planned Strategies is what we call SIMUS in short.

We help companies, individuals and organizations establish an identity, recognition and rank in the new democracy - The Virtual World. Our experience, knowledge and capability to understand technology, people, market behaviours and networks makes us stand unique in this arena.

With Startups we engage in consulting them on growth strategies, structure their story and pitch, handhold them towards fundraising activity, connect them to right investors, plan growth hacking by providing valuable connections. At SIMUS we're mentored by Mr Sujit Lalwani who has build a reputation for himself of winning when it comes to bringing ideas to reality and scaling them to soutions consumers reckon with.

Things that SIMUS can help you with:
  • Marketing & Branding Strategies with use case growth support via connects, positioning, partnerships & more.
  • Fund raising assistance via investor connects (In sectors of interest). Organizing investor pitches, assisting with pitch decks, competition & sector analysis & basic market research.
  • Idea validation support (as necessary) depending on type of target groups involved [based on the startup idea].
  • Thought leadership & mentoring for the founding team to power mindsets for speed, structure, innovation, & fast growth. To help streamline the focus on the idea & prevent loss of direction where needed.
  • Support for outreach & Expansion to International markets via connects, outreach, financial re-structuring & more.
  • Legal compliance & financial advise through our highly experienced partner firms.

  • In a nutshell we are:
    Marketing | Branding | Strategy | Business Development | HR | Sales | Research & Data assimilation

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